Interreg Italy-Croatia

U sklopu najave Interreg Italy-Croatia CBC programa objavljena je projektna ideja Adriatic Wildfire Management – Acronym: AWM

The AWM project aims to strengthen existing wildfire management systems in coastal areas. The main objective is to address the risk from wildfires by improving existing risk assessments with new information obtained using modern technologies (remote sensing, open & big data, etc.) thus ensuring disaster resilience and improving existing disaster management systems. Information obtained will consist of vegetation type and density. Combining that information with average temperature, rainfall and statistical analysis of previous wildfire events would enable us to identify areas that are more prone to wildfires occurring and spreading thus introducing vulnerability to likelihood/consequences risk assessment approach currently used. Also the use of GIS software will enable us to improve accuracy of risk mapping thus providing more information needed to focus management systems towards most vulnerable areas. The project would also include knowledge and experience exchange among firefighters and other parties included in wildfire management systems. Overall the project output would be an improved risk assessment combined with cooperation in knowledge and experience sharing that can be used as guidelines for improving existing wildfire management systems by making them more prepared and focused on high risk areas.

The specific objectives are about SO2: 2.2: Increase the safety of the Program area from natural and man-made disaster.

Actions: Partners will design and agree specific pilot actions in order to boost awareness and preparedness of the Adriatic Area from wildfires.

Results and Outputs: To provide Local Administration, policy and decision makers improved Risk Assessment of wildfires in Adriatic Area, as well as knowledge and experience exchange, thus furthering preparedness and the capacity of recovery while minimizing damages.

Expected project duration: 20 – 30 months.